The King Lab (some assembly required)

Dept. of Biochemistry Institute for Protein Design University of Washington

Commercial Science Activities

Neil is an unpaid board member of the Rosetta Commons, a consortium of academic and non-profit laboratories. Under institutional participation agreements with the University of Washington, acting on behalf of the Rosetta Commons, the University of Washington may be entitled to a portion of revenues received from licensing the Rosetta software. Additional information about the licensing structure for Rosetta is available on this FAQ.

Neil is a co-founder, paid consultant, and chair of the scientific advisory board of Icosavax, Inc., a biotechnology company founded in 2017 that is developing nanoparticle vaccines for infectious disease. Icosavax has licensed IP from the University of Washington on which Neil is a co-inventor.

The King lab has received research funding in the form of sponsored research agreements from Pfizer.

Updated 3/26/21.